Home Runs


We have a running in-house joke  – “don’t take on work further than 25 minutes from the desk”.

Don’t mistake us, it’s not because we’re lazy! It’s simply because it’s paramount to get to each work site as often as possible..

We live and have our office based in the inner city fringe, so we enjoy working with what we know – the more urban suburbs. Having said that, we love homes of all shapes, sizes and styles. We’ve renovated cute worker’s cottages with pitched roofs to incredible four storey new builds and apartment complexes.

We enjoy creating custom contemporary new builds as much as we love restoring heritage features while renovating older homes. We excel at creating solutions for small inner-city blocks and relish the magic that happens when a modern addition successfully meets an original home.

Axon is not pigeonholed into one style, just like our clients we love everything from industrial to classic. We get a thrill out of teasing out and developing each client’s own personal style so they are left with homes that truly reflect them. Most of all, we love seeing client’s faces when we nail the brief and they get the home of their dreams – whatever that may look like.

With over 35 years of experience in a multitude of residential projects between us, Axon is well-equipped to deliver stylish homes typically ranging from $450,000-$2million.

Kylie PetrouComment